We tried to collect the most frequently asked questions. In case you do not find answer for your question please write us an email.


1. What is the minimum order in case of unique chocolates?

At least: a 3 piece order is needed to make the unique chocolate

2. Can it be more than 5 ingredients?

No, it can be just 5 ingredients because of the best taste and flavour.

3. Can I add a favourite ingredient twice?


4. How big is the unique chocolate?

It is a standard size European chocolate, 100 grams.

5. I would like a new ingredient which is not included in the list.

Currently you can choose just from these ingredients but you can write your ideas in email which I will consider.

6. What kind of allergy alerts are linked to the chocolate?

It might contain walnut, seed, milk and gluten.

7. Do the chocolate contain milk?

The dark one does not but milk and white chocolate do contain dairy products.

8. How long can I store the chocolate?

Under appropriate conditions even for 2 years but it is recommended to consume it within 2 months since the shelf life of the product can decrease.

9. How is it possible to keep the chocolate fresh?

In a dry, cool place at room temperature.

10. How long does it take to make the chocolate?

The unique chocolate is usually ready in 1-2 days and it is delivered in 2 days by GLS courier service.

11.I won’t be at home during the day. How will I receive the chocolate?

In case you are not at home GLS courier service visits you once more and leaves a message for you and call you on the phone if you let us know your phone number. In case of unsuccessful delivery they try again.

12. What happens if my package gets damaged?

There is value insurance on the packages therefore we guarantee them in case of damage. We make the product again.

13. I would like to make a greeting card to the unique chocolate or the gift creation.

When making a unique chocolate you can formulate your greeting, which we make in case of ordering but it entails plus remuneration. In case of giving gifts the majority of customers use this option in which they write that by whom and how was their chocolate designed.