Freeze-dried fruits / original in every bite!

Part of the freeze-dried fruits are imported from France and Germany as well as made in our own plant.

The beneficial features of freeze-dried fruit:
- The valuable components and vitamins do not get damaged and do not decompose
- The colour and the flavour of the product remains perfectly
- Fructose do not get damaged
- During freeze-drying water is completely extracted thus just natural substances remain - there is no need for preserving and added aromas. We can taste the natural, original flavour.

The essence of the freeze-drying method:
Freeze-drying is the most up-to-date and the most gentle drying method today which makes it possible to extract water from the given fruit causing the least chlorination possible preserving the natural taste of the fruit.

The process of freeze-drying:
There is an ice condenser in the device and strong vacuum prevails. As a result of this the water-ice in the fruit sublimates and subsides on the ice condenser. Because of the high dry matter concentration the fruit preserves its original flavour and it can be stored for a long time without deteriorating.