The idea came during the Christmas of 2010 when we presented our daughter with a silicon casting mould with Christmas angels in it. Our daughter and we parents both made our first unique angel chocolate excitedly. Our festive guests liked the taste and the appearance of the unique chocolate very much. Later we decorated the cast chocolate with fruits and seeds thus we could experiment with many different flavours.

Designing chocolate.

We decided that we will produce unique chocolates from the best quality Belgian chocolate where the customer can choose from 6 different toppings (seeds, fruits, special toppings, edible flowers, spices, decoration) so he/she can design and flavour his/her favourite chocolate from almost 150 kinds of ingredients.

We buy the chocolate raw material from the world's biggest premium chocolate producer Callebaut Company.
- Milk chocolate - made of Ecuadorian Arriba beans, 39% cocoa content.
- Dark chocolate - 65,1% cocoa content Fortina Finest Selection, a mixture of Ecuadorian and Asian coffee beans.
- White chocolate - made more delicate by bourbon vanilla.

Our company provides more than 100 different toppings to its costumers imported from European and exotic countries:

- freeze-dried fruits, - Bronte pistachios, macadamia, pecans
- exotic spices
- chili specialties
- flowers
- rose, violet, jasmine
- 23 carat real gold